Boudoir – Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer

Boudoir can be a life changing experience. Many of our clients have told us that they fell inlove with their portraits as well as themselves. Hiring a professional photographer to help you create a beautiful vision is just step #1. Don’t attempt to stress over doing these sexy pictures yourself; rather hire a professional that will help you prepare and relax. Our team have the tools, experience and education that clients value to make their portraits a success.

Throughout this Boudoir journey I have learned posing secrets for every body type, flattering lighting set-ups and what works vs. what does not. Along with our amazing stylists we stay true to you and show a sexy, glamourous, feminine side you may have never seen.

We love to plan the photo shoot with our clients and find our clients tend to be more relaxed because we help them throughout the entire process. We appreciate each individual client and keep their needs always in mind. Some things to consider when looking for a professional boudoir photographer; privacy concerns, experience, all female staff and providing luxury custom products.

This next client came to us from Wyoming and brought her best friend along. I’m lucky enough to know her BFF and photographed her bridal boudoir portraits back in 2010.. We shared many laughs and got some kick ass shots. Literally 😉 hehe









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