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Cute and Charming – Utah Boudoir Photographer

When I asked this cutie how she knew how to pose and relax in front of the camera she replied, “I just watch E channel a lot”. What an awesome way to get inspired :0) I have to admit I read my US weekly and see all these celebs posing and looking so slim and cute so why not pretend yourself to be a star in the making? It’s not that hard especially after being pampered by one of our talented stylists. We promise we can turn anyone into model material and make you feel gorgeous!

Boudoir is such a rewarding experience. Every woman should at least try it. I get several email inquiries and potential clients telling me they need to loose those last 10 pounds. Let me be honest here, you don’t need to loose those 10 extra pounds. Why? Because it’s my job to find the most flattering poses for your body type. Plus one of the many benefits to photoshop is the trim and tuck tool.  I’m not a magician by any means but it can help quite a bit.

It’s such a pleasure to share some of my favorite boudoir portraits from this shoot here at our local studio in Utah. Ms. V had so many cute ideas as you can see. Love that she brought in his hoodie and incorporated it. We’re all about personalizing it to fit your sweetie’s interests and hobbies. So grab his favorite tie, book, shirt or hoodie and bring it to your boudoir appointment.


Such a cute idea!




Showing off his hoodie, sweet yet sexy.



I encourage everyone to watch E channel now LOL



Her idea & I loved it!

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